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Our Online Theft and Shoplifting Classes are a convenient and affordable way to meet your court, business or personal theft class requirements.

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About Stop Theft Class

Our Online Theft Classes and Online Shoplifting Classes are convenient and affordable ways to meet your court, business, or personal theft class requirements. Our classes are accepted nationwide and have been professionally researched and developed to be both educational and easy to use.

Our theft classes are completely internet-based and available 24/7 to all our customers. Our courses have been developed and written by industry experts. They have been designed to contain the course materials that meet court requirements.

All you need to access our classes is a computer with access to the internet. The classes are self-paced. You can sign in and sign out as many times as you like. Your progress will be tracked and saved automatically.

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Topics Covered »

Our classes cover a variety of shoplifting and theft awareness topics including:

  • Different types of thieves and shoplifters
  • Learning the effects of shoplifting on our society
  • Techniques to handle impulse control
  • Risk and consequences of theft and shoplifting
  • Skills in managing stress and emotions
  • Learning about why you might shoplift or steal
  • Communication and relationships as a foundation for recovery and prevention

Designed by professional instructors and online educators, Stop Theft Class’s Online Theft Class is the easiest, most flexible way to complete your court ordered or personal requirements.

The Most Convenient Online Class
Our online theft classes let you study on your schedule and not in classrooms. Because your can take the class from any computer with internet access, you can study whenever and wherever you want. Simply sign in to our online theft awareness course and sign out whenever it is convenient. Our course remembers your progress so you can continue your course exactly where you left off. You won’t be stuck having to race across town to get to an in-person classroom course that interferes with your regular schedule.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our online theft course is so effective that we’re 100% confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your online theft class . We back our confidence with a 100% money-back guarantee. Read more about our money-back guarantee
Mobile Friendly
Take this class from any mobile device including tables, iPhones and Android phones. You can start on your laptop and continue on your mobile device. Do whatever is the most convenient for your needs.
Easy to Use
With our years of experience in the online learning industry, we’ve worked hard to provide a a world-class learning experience. Our simple to understand course system is entirely web-based. There’s no software, PDFs or other files to download. Simply sign in to our online theft class or online shoplifting class and follow the easy on-screen instructions.
The Best Customer Support
If you have any questions when registering for the class or when taking it, be assured that our expert customer support team is available to help you. They can professionally answer any question or concern that you might have about our online shoplifting and theft awareness classes . They are also available to assist you at any point while to take to course. Just Contact Us via email or phone.
No Hidden Costs
As a leader in the online industry, we understand that customers don’t want to be charged extra hidden fees for our services. Our approach is no-nonsense—our one fair price is all you have to pay.
Enroll Now!
You can register and start your shoplifting and theft class in less than 10 minutes. And rest assured, you’re in the hands of one of the best online instruction organizations in the industry. Stop Theft Class is the leader in innovative, customer-oriented, effective online courses. Sign Up for one of our online theft class or online shoplifting class!

Please Note: that it is your responsibility to determine whether our shoplifting and theft classes are accepted for your particular court requirement. This is a distance-learning meant for educational purposes only. Some courts do not accept online programs. Although our program includes a money-back guarantee, it’s in your best interest to check with your court or other legal organization to determine whether they will accept this program.

Superior Theft Class

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Theft Class Options

  • 4 Hour Theft Class – $99
  • 8 Hour Theft Class – $149
  • 16 Hour Theft Class – $249
  • 24 Hour Theft Class – $349

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Your online theft class completion certificate will be prepared and shipped free when you finish your class. If you need your certificate right away, we offer expedited overnight shipping options.

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