• Sara S

    Thanks so much! I have had a great experience with this course. You guys have been fabulous! Thanks for your quick response. Its nice to know that you're there for me. Nothings worse than asking a question and days, if at all, they reply! But you guys were on it! IMMEDIATELY!!! I like that! Anyways, thanks again. I'll keep an eye on the mail!

    Sincerely, A very pleased student,

  • Tiffnee H

    I think it is a very helpful course. I believe nothing needs to be changed and in every aspect its a great course that taught me a lot.

  • Denise W

    I found this course so helpful. I agreed with so many of the context, that I thought you were talking about me. I learnt a lot about why I steal, and I now know what to do if I start thinking about stealing. Thank you so much. Money well spent.

  • Therese A

    I would say this class is important to all of us, not just shoplifters. One can apply these techniques to positive and negative situations in their lives.

  • Elyse M

    I feel this will actually really help me change my ways of thinking and my behaviors. Thanks!

  • Sandra H

    It was so helpful. It made me understand how to control my actions and think before acting. I do have tremendous stress and am on depression medication. I learned ways to relax. There was a great uplifting about expressing my thoughts on anger and other issues other than shoplifting again. I was on so much Medication, I barely remember the theft. It will NEVER happen again.I am totally embarrassed by this. I had to tell my grandchildren and my heart broke. As the Bible says I once was blind but now I see. This ordeal changed my life. I am very grateful for all of your help. May God Bless you for your help. Great class. Again thank you for your help.

  • Martha P

    This course had been very helpful to understand myself and the reasons I behave in an specific way. I'll recommend this to everybody because is very educational and practical. This can help people, it's an eye opener to avoid costly mistakes and harmful actions.

  • Mikaela M

    I liked it. Very convenient and user friendly.

  • Cynthia C

    Thank you very much. It was informative and educational. Don't change a thing!

  • Roger S

    The class was fast and easy and took care of my court requirement without having to attend a live class.

  • Ricardo R

    Your online shoplifting class was very helpful. I definitely like that I could re-read the materials as many times as I wanted. I like the interaction of slides and audio. Thank you and best wishes to all.

  • Jim R

    I enjoyed the course and hope I don't have to take it again, but if I do I'll definitely be using your Web site.

  • Ken V

    I searched the internet to find a class that looked like it was both reputable and would meet my requirements. You never know with the internet. But when I took your class I found it to be really informative and the information seemed really well researched. It was definitely worth it!

  • David C

    Thanks for making the course so easy!

  • Tyjhaune W

    The one part that really made me think was the story about the little girls trapped in the house as it set on fire. It almost made me cry, I wanted to show my little brother. The story about the friends getting caught stealing at the mall for stealing swimsuits was really identical to my theft arrest. I learned a lot from this class. I like the stress relief exercises.

  • Carol M

    My son needed to take a Shoplifting Class in order to clear up a problem he had at his college. This was definitely the easiest way to take care of the problem and he told me that the class was both informative and easy to use.

  • Momina R

    I think it helped me to understand the core values of this whole course. I can say this course gave me more awareness of controlling my attitudes. I strongly recommend that classes like this help to give a clear understanding.

    Denver, CO
  • David J

    I find in hindsight, that I may be able to apply some of the techniques in my life particularly regarding my guilt and depression (a real eye opener) as well as the course objective of stopping shoplifting for good

    Logan, UT

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