Stop Theft Class offers the most convenient method for satisfying any court-ordered theft or shoplifting requirement. Our online platform allows you to take the class from any Internet-ready device including a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a cell phone. Our course is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You literally take the class at your own pace. Whatever page you leave off of when you log out, you pick right back up on that page when you log back in.

Variety of Classes

Our convenient online classes are designed to satisfy requirements for a variety of theft or shoplifting offenses. While they are most-commonly used for court-ordered requirements, they are also used by corporations, school districts and are often taken as part of internal diversionary programs.

Our online stop theft classes start at $99 for a 4-hour class. Other classes include our 8-hour (most commonly recommended and taken), 10-hour, 12-hour, 16-hour and up to our 24-hour extended theft class.

Class Price
4 Hour Theft Class $99 Register Now
6 Hour Theft Class $129 Register Now
8 Hour Theft Class $149 Register Now
12 Hour Theft Class $199 Register Now
16 Hour Advanced Class $249 Register Now
24 Hour Extended Theft Class $349 Register Now

Completion Certificate

After successfully completing your class, we will send you at no extra charge a certificate of completion. This certificate is signed by our educational director and embossed with our corporate seal. We also offer expedited shipping if you need the hard copy of your certificate more quickly.

In addition, you also may request a downloadable or emailed copy of your certificate.

About the Classes

All of our courses have been professionally developed by a team of experts with the goal of helping people overcome the urge to steal. Theft affects all of us, primarily due to lost revenue and added cost due to increased security to protect from shoplifters. Our courses are designed to help you recognize the motivations behind your behavior, asking you to take an introspective view of your actions.

Stop Theft Topics Include:

  • The Mind of a Thief™
  • Your theft & shoplifting behavior
  • Why people steal
  • Everyone feels the effects of shoplifting
  • Using mental visualization
  • Understanding how you can change your behavior
  • How to use learning rules to change behavior

Theft Class Highlights

  • 100% Online Theft / Shoplifting Class
  • Accepted Nationwide
  • Available 24/7 from an Computer
  • Free Completion Certificate
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • No Downloads Required
  • Customer Enrollment Verification
  • Immediate Access
  • Created and Developed by Professionals
  • 100% Guaranteed

Trusted and Secure

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