Perhaps the most convenient way to satisfy your court-mandated theft or shoplifting requirement is by taking an online Stop Theft Class. The ability to take the class online certainly is convenient, and adding to this convenience is using our new Read Along service. Through our built-in audio player you can now listen to the course instead of having to read all of the material yourself.

Auditory Learning

Sometimes the best way to absorb important material is by listening to it in a quiet, convenient location. Whether it is in your bedroom, the basement, the closet or even the living room couch, some people just learn better by listening to someone else speak. This is referred to as auditory learning.

Rest Your Eyes

Absorbing three or even eight hours of material can be very stressful and add strain on your eyes. Now, with the click of a button, you can sit back with your eyes closed and focus as the course is read to you. With Read Along, you also can listen to any section as often needed.

Try It, You Might Like It

For your convenience, we have included a free trial of our Read Along upgrade. After the first three chapters you will have the ability to continue with Read Along, or turn it off. Of course, you can always choose to read the course material yourself. If you want to keep it going, just click the upgrade button to turn it on for the remainder of the class.

Why Read Along?

  • Adds flexibility
  • Use with headphones, ear buds or speakers
  • Affordable
  • Help auditory learners
Read Along

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