All of our juvenile anti-theft classes are currently being administered online and are the most convenient way to satisfy any court-ordered theft or shoplifting education requirement. These juvenile anti-theft classes are focused on teens and young-adults. The online format allows you to take the course at your own pace. Because the course is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, you can literally work on your class any time.

Our comprehensive anti-theft classes have been developed by professionals and have helped many people better understand their behavior while also resolving a theft/shoplifting offense.

Benefits of a Anti-Theft Class

There are several reasons why a teenager might benefit from an anti-theft class:

  • To learn the consequences of theft and shoplifting: An anti-theft class can help a teenager understand the serious consequences of stealing, including legal penalties and damage to their reputation.
  • To develop responsible behavior: Taking an anti-theft class can help a teenager develop a sense of responsibility and make better decisions about their actions.
  • To prevent future problems: By learning about theft and shoplifting prevention, a teenager can avoid getting into trouble in the future and potentially save themselves from legal and personal consequences.
  • To improve relationships: Theft and shoplifting can strain relationships with friends, family, and community members. An anti-theft class can help a teenager learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships by avoiding these behaviors.
  • To enhance job prospects: Many employers view honesty and integrity as important qualities in employees. By completing an anti-theft class, a teenager can demonstrate their commitment to these values and potentially improve their job prospects.

Available Juvenile Anti-Theft Classes

Class Price
4 Hour Juvenile Anti-Theft Class $99 Register Now
8 Hour Juvenile Anti-Theft Class $149 Register Now
16 Hour Juvenile Anti-Theft Class $249 Register Now

Questions & Answers

You will find multimedia information in all of our anti-theft and shoplifting online courses. There are videos, graphs, diagrams, photos along with the online reading material. Below are some of the most common questions:

1. Can I take the anti-theft class on my cell phone?

Yes, our anti-theft classes are sized for any Internet-ready device – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

2. How many classes do I need to take?

All of our courses are hourly-based. The 8-hour class is by far the most common juvenile anti-theft Class class, however, some states require 16 hours, while a few allow a 4-hour class for a first offense. You will need to contact your attorney, probation officer, or the court to determine the number of hours necessary.

3. Will my progress be saved if I move to my cell phone?

Yes, each time you log in, you will pick up right where you left off. It does not matter if you change device, your progress is automatically saved.

4. How long will it take me to get my certificate of completion?

The certificate of completion is included in the cost of the class and is usually shipped out with 24 hours of finishing the class (weekends and holidays being the exceptions).

5. What is I need my certificate really fast?

We do offer expedited shipping from the US Postal Service for an added cost. You also can request a downloadable or emailed copy after you complete the class.

Course Topics Include

  • The Mind of a Thief – Understanding your behavior
  • Everyone is affected by shoplifting
  • The power of mental visualization
  • Skills in managing stress and emotions

Read-Along Option – Have the Course Read to You!

One of the newest options of our online juvenile anti-theft courses is a read-along option. For a nominal fee you can sit back and have the course materials read to you. There will be an option to purchase this at the beginning of the course, or you can upgrade after beginning the class.

Juvenile Anti-Theft Class

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  • Written and Developed by Industry Experts
  • Special Designed for Teens
  • Take Fom Any Internet-ready Device (Computer, Tablet, Cell Phone)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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